How innovative business ideas are changing the world of business.

It is important to link the money you need, how it is used and the cost. You will not use a credit card to buy a house. The same goes for financing your business. It is generally recommended that you use a method that is appropriate for the duration of the asset. A credit card or overdraft limit can be used for short-term needs (such as purchasing equipment or additional materials), as well as for loans and operating margins for long-term needs (such as equipment) and commercial real estate).

Rural areas usually suffer from certain disadvantages for commercial development. The most visible are geography, population, infrastructure and resources. The relative isolation of markets, inadequate local demand, and a lack of resources and services can limit the growth potential of rural economies. Nevertheless, current trends create new opportunities for rural development and allow the emergence of new rural enterprises.

The Internet and other digital technologies offer the opportunity to overcome the obstacle of geographical distance and create new forms of closeness of knowledge, markets and relationships. At the same time, new innovative business ideas are emerging in such diverse sectors as the food economy, green economy, bioeconomics, experience economics and housing economics. When these opportunities make it possible to grow a business, significant potential appears for creating jobs and convincing people to settle and work in rural areas. In this context, some of the benefits of rural areas are becoming more apparent, including the likelihood that land and housing will be cheaper, space will be larger, air will be cleaner, and access to the countryside will be easier. The key to taking advantage of these opportunities is finding more reasonable innovative ways to make money and providing effective support to entrepreneurs and focused efforts to overcome some of the problems typical of rural areas.

It is imperative to take into account the growing diversity of areas in Europe and the particular severity of certain difficulties and / or the intensity of specific opportunities in certain places. It will be necessary to adopt a change in behavior regarding the potential for growth and development of trade in rural areas, as well as carefully targeted interventions in the framework of policies ensuring long-term success. This is not a “status quo”, but also does not apply to innovation and high-tech research. This is a new look at trade support, which helps enterprises respond to the opportunities and challenges they face through a good understanding of their needs and innovative business solutions that are available to them.

“We are convinced that only innovative business models – whether it is a change in market position or an attitude towards an original product or service – can open up new markets for us,” says Development Director. Instead of engaging in traditional brainstorming sessions, Iris turned to (CCIR), who integrated the company in the collective campaign “Developing an Innovative Proposal” using the concept method (one of the products offered in the animation in the catalog, aimed at the best organization of your creativity and creation new projects).

The method provides a basis for thinking, which allows you to generate ideas for innovative solutions to a problem or generate innovative proposals regardless of the activities of the company. “Of the hundreds of ideas put forward, we selected ten, some of which will be implemented.” For example, the development of a franchise network that evaluates the experience and know-how of a company. At the moment, three partners are expected. Another idea has been implemented – to become a solution editor. An application has been published that allows daily measurement of the hype surrounding each candidate in the presidential election.

On its way, Interactive is considering creating a special structure for developing new applications. “We are caught in time because in our business the design / production / marketing cycle is very short.” Other ideas mature, they concern, for example, different distribution of skills within the company or project management focused on the main stages. Frank, who has now become a fan of this method, is sure: “If all the companies were trained, the economic benefits would be quickly felt.” Check out innovative business ideas!