The Best Laptops for Engineering Students

Modern high-tech devices usually include the most functional models, which at the same time have a stylish appearance, high-quality performance, and, of course, a rather high price. They try to keep the size and weight of such computers as small as possible. However, the dimensions should not be too small, otherwise, it will not be so convenient to work with a laptop.

How to Choose the Best Laptop for Engineering Studies?

A laptop manufacturer can install a processor that is slow by modern standards, a small hard drive, a small amount of RAM, and at the same time provide a computer with a not very high-quality screen. In general, this will not affect the reliability of the mobile PC. However, during work, it is possible (exactly possible, but not necessary), there will be a slight discomfort: some programs will take longer to load, when switching applications, there will be a “slowdown”, etc. – all these are the consequences of installing a not very fast processor and a small volume random access memory.

Due to the fact that the hard drive is not very capacious, it can run out of free space quite quickly. Of course, if you install programs for working with words and spreadsheets, then any modern hard drive will last for a long time. However, a modern laptop is usually used not only for typing but also for playing music and watching movies, which take up a lot of space.

The List of the Best Laptops for Engineering Students

  1. Lenovo ThinkPad P50
  2. Dell Inspiron i7559-763
  3. HP ZBook 14-G1
  4. Apple MacBook Air MD711LL / A
  5. Asus K501UX

For the convenience of reading e-books on a computer, special reading programs are used. They make it possible to quickly search for the necessary fragments of text, switch between chapters and collect your library of books.

AlReader is a program for reading e-books on a computer. It is possible to read in full-screen mode and view a detailed list of the last opened books. The application is free, works on all current versions of Windows, and is translated into many languages.

After starting the program, the main window will open. To get started with the app, you need to download an ebook. To do this, go to the “File” – “Open File” menu section and select a document that is stored on your computer.

The laptop should support various file formats. It is possible to customize colors, fonts, as well as download e-books from the online library. The program is free and compatible with all current versions of Windows. To start working with the utility, you need to launch the application and open the book. To do this, use the “Add File to Library” function located on the top toolbar of the main window.

Usually, to reduce the cost of a mobile PC, the manufacturer includes only a power supply for charging in addition to a laptop. Sometimes it does not even have an operating system installed (what an operating system is, how it is installed on a laptop is described in Chapter 7), and then you will have to start installing and configuring it yourself. In general, there is nothing complicated in this, but the specifics of the domestic computer market are such that legal programs are rarely bought. In most cases, purchasing an unlicensed application disc will not have serious consequences, and yet some utilities may not work as well as you would like.