The best website ideas and how to put them into practice.

The amount needed to start a business is divided into two categories: initial costs (money that you need before starting a business) and initial money (money that you need after starting your business until you start making a profit).

More and more Internet users now have their own “personal” website. We offer you the best website ideas. We meet on the Internet personal sites of all kinds and of various qualities. Some are very popular, others are almost confidential. Except in special cases, the one who creates his site wants to have a maximum of visitors. So you have to bring them in, hold them back … and make them come back. That is why the site should have interesting content, a pleasant “appearance” and, finally, be properly referenced. This document is not an HTML course. He only pretends to share my humble experience of ten years creating sites manually.

I do not pretend to know everything (far from all!). But the mistakes of others, and especially mine, allowed me to find out what needs to be done and what is not, and perhaps to find some ideas that are not very original. I don’t speak with a beginner who has never seen a single line of HTML code (you can calm him down, we can live very well without it!), But for someone who has already written several screens, he has technical documentation, but I don’t know how make a “good” site. However, do not be fooled, to this day, as far as I know, there is no software for creating web pages that allows you to completely overcome the knowledge of HTML. So this is where we should start, knowing that this language is extremely simple and that the basics can be obtained in a few hours on the Internet or in books (see My other document Getting started with HTML).

First of all, the technical aspect: creating a blog does not require any knowledge of the Internet language. Numerous sites (press, access providers, catalogs, etc.) provide Internet users with both storage space and a convenient tool that allows you to create pages in a “natural language”, avoiding all HTML restrictions.

The consequence of this is a relatively standard layout with often monstrously heavy screens; bloggers do not care about the number or weight of the images with which they fill their pages. The blog also makes it easy to add sounds and videos. In general, then: a blog is usually designed to exchange ideas day after day, but especially in order to respond to users who come to its completion and enrichment. At the level of style or presentation, there is usually little research, primarily a blogger seeking spontaneity. To be famous, he updates his screens as often as possible, preferably daily. To summarize, the blog plays on spontaneity and responsiveness of users, while the site is more focused on duration and “reflection”. You decide what you want to do.

We do not create a site to have fun, because it is fashionable (the latter is actually more blogs today) or to do like everyone else. Therefore, we must ask ourselves what goal we want to achieve by creating a site to do business, that is, what we want to “sell” (idea, passion, beauty of the region). This may seem obvious, but if you have nothing to “sell”, it makes no sense to create a site that no one will see! On the contrary, avoid “stuff everything” on the site, where in a pleasant (?) Upset all the hobbies of its author will be presented.

Before starting, it is important to answer the question – how much does it cost to build a website for a small business. To make it cheaper and more effective, it is important to remember the rules. The site should have the unity and harmony of colors that make up its own identity and identify it at a glance. We must avoid bright colors and violent contrasts or, conversely, the lack of contrast between the text and the background (red on bright green or, conversely, yellow on pale green). We should also think about “implicit” color codes. The black background makes you think of “rebellious” or even pirated content, the pink “candy” background on the erotic site, the white background on the official site. Also avoid huge characters and words written in capital letters. Wallpaper can be plain or mosaic of images, but in any case, be careful that their contrast is very low, so as not to interfere with readability. Consider, in particular, for photographs (landscape, building), that the image will be repeated until it fills the entire screen (in height and in width), which can sometimes give an unexpected result depending on its resolution.